This is the starting point for accessing the TOOP Solution Architecture in its new version, released in 2020. All material is provided in a wiki format, making it easy to update and process interlinked information.

This space provides architecture description, technical specifications and documentation of the TOOP Solution Architecture. It contains fully implementable specifications of components that can be used to establish cross-border Evidence Exchange, thereby applying the Once-Only Principle in online eGovernment procedures.

The material contained in this package is publicly available and it has been put together for the benefit of stakeholders external to the TOOP project including, but not limited to, the European Commission and the EU Member State authorities responsible for the implementation of the Once-Only Principle in the context of the Single Digital Gateway Regulation or other domains such as eProcurement and eJustice.

The TOOP Solution Architecture, published in this 2020 Edition, will be the authoritative set of specifications to be implemented by the TOOP Pilots between May and September 2020. It will also be the basis for knowledge transfer to take place between TOOP and the DE4A project in the same period.

This space includes the following sections:

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