Repository Scope

The e-SENS Reference Architecture is concerned with the selection and assembly of loosely-coupled and highly cohesive Capabilities in Solution Architecture Templates, which can be used in solution provision. This part of the repository focuses on the following fragment of the BB description: 

The Entry Point in the Repository is the Capability, linked with the Specifications Library through the Technical Specifications. 

Catalogue of Capabilities

The following table is the catalog of ABBs (abstracted as Capabilities) available for assembling solutions, grouped by SAT. The main feature is driving the associated Technical Specifications. 


SAT - eDelivery
e-Delivery denotes the process to take (store) and hand over (route and forward) business data and evidence asynchronously, securely and reliably.
ABB CapabilityABB Main FeaturesTechnical Specifications
ABB - Message ExchangeMessagingPR - AS4
ABB - Capability LookupCapability ResolutionPR - SMP
ABB - Service LocationAddress ResolutionPR - BDXL
 Party IdentificationPR - ebCore Party ID
ABB - Backend IntegrationIntegration with delivery infrastructureSP - Connector


e-ID provides the overall architecture that defines a set of protocol, formats and data definitions to implement a cross-border authentication architecture that minimizes data disclosure and permits interoperability based on national standards.
ABB CapabilityMain Feature (Set)Technical Specifications
ABB - Cross-Border AuthenticationAuthentication Exchange ProtocolPR-STORK 2.0 SAML
 Evaluation of Authentication QualitySP - AQAA
ABB - Cross-Border Attribute ProvisionAttribute Exchange ProtocolPR-STORK 2.0 SAML
 Evaluation of Attribute QualitySP - AQAA
ABB - Cross-Border MobileID Integration  
ABB - Local Attribute ProvisionLocal Attribute Retrieval and MappingSP - SAML
 Local AuthenticationSP - SAML




SAT - eSignature
e-Signature covers signature handling as its core architecture framework. It relies on the EU e-Signature legislation (mainly the Signature Directive and the upcoming e-IDAS Regulation) as the legal backbone, the EU e-Signature Standards Framework as the interoperability backbone, respectively.
ABB CapabilityMain Feature (Set)Technical Specifications
ABB - eSignature CreationSignature CreationSP - e-Signature Standards for Creation and Validation- 1.2
ABB - eSignature ValidationSignature ValidationSP - e-Signature Standards for Creation and Validation- 1.2
ABB - eSignature Mobile  


SAT - eDocument
e-Document describes any electronic document, structured or unstructured, which supports various formats and offering functionality that fulfills a set of generic, domain or use case specific requirements.
ABB CapabilityMain Feature (Set)Technical Specifications
ABB - Document ProvisioningDoc EngineeringCore Vocabulary, XSLT
ABB - Document PackagingPackagingPR-ASIC
ABB - Document RoutingBusiness Enveloppe HandlingPR - SBDH
ABB - Document AnnotationData AnnotationOpen Annotation Data Model
ABB - Business Rules IntegrationSchematron Rules 


SAT - Non-Repudiation and Traceability
Traceability is the set of tools and techniques aimed at following paths and footprints of principals, e.g., users, transactions, and software agents. It is also defined by ISO 9000:2005 as the "ability to trace the history, application, or location of that which is under consideration".  Non-repudiation services are mandated to generate, collect, maintain, make available and validate evidence concerning a claimed event or action in order to resolve disputes about the occurrence or non-occurrence of the event or action. 
ABB CapabilityMain Feature (Set)Technical Specifications
ABB - Non-RepudiationEvidence ManagementPR - REM
ABB - TimestampingTimeStamp ManagementSP - Timestamping Standards


SAT - Semantics
Semantics is dealing with the processes and it-services related to the management of terminologies and ontologies, their use in online services and in the design of eDocuments. 
ABB CapabilityMain Feature (Set)Technical Specifications
ABB - Semantic Mapping ServiceMaps resources or concepts between different point of views

ABB - Base Registry Identification and Accessmantains and exposes trusted information under the control of a entitled entity
ABB - Core Vocabulary-Based Data Modellingcontext neutral, reusable and extensible data models
ABB - Domain Specific Vocabulary Definitionrepresentation of domain specific information


SAT - Trust Establishment
Trust Establishment identifies technical means to establish trust in and between IT-Systems involved in cross-border / cross-solution electronic transactions. These “Trust Services” (TS) are electronic services which enhance trust and confidence in electronic transactions, provided by “Trust Service Providers” (TSP).
ABB CapabilityMain Feature (Set)Technical Specifications
ABB - Trust Network – Mutual Recognized Certificates - 1.1  
ABB - Trust Network – PKI - 1.1  
ABB - Trust Network – Trust Service Status List - 1.1  


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