The e-SENS Architecture Repository is a TOGAF architecture repository

The e-SENS Architecture Repository mainly contains the Generic Architecture Repository, dealing with the Generic Building Blocks, and composed of 

  • an architecture metamodel, mainly in the form of a content metamodel: this is the eSENS Metamodel, which identifies the type of constructs that are used to in the eSENS architecture landscape, and how they relate to each others. 
  • an architecture landscape that represents the eSENS assets: this is the eSENS Reference Architecture; the reference architecture conforms to the eSENS Metamodel, and identifies the Capabilities as architecture building blocks (ABB), grouped in Solution Architecture Templates (SAT);
  • a Specifications Library which captures the various technical specifications (TS) and profiles (PR) that have been adopted by eSENS as specifications for the Capabilities; 
  • a Reference Library, consisting as a catalogue of Known Solutions (SBB) realizing the ABBs; 
  • a Governance Log containing the main decisions regarding the architecture, as well as links to conformance and sustainability assessment reports. 

The e-SENS Architecture Repository is depicted below: it is not only made of the listed repositories, but it also maintain the relationships between the entities of the different repositories. 

The mapping of the metamodel concepts to the repository is depicted below, helping to understand what concept belong to what repository: 

The Generic Architecture Repository also maintains links with the pilot architecture, and more specifically with the pilot requirements and pilot solutions. 

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