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The TOOP Pilots wiki stores the documentation of all TOOP pilots starting from planning and all the way to implementation, execution, evaluation and handover. The material will be being updated during the project and is related with WP3 deliverables D3.1 (at the time being) and deliverables D3.2 and D3.3 at the end of the TOOP project.

The TOOP pilots will validate the Once Only Principle (OOP), as understood by the TOOP project, and prove its feasibility at the EU-level by contributing to the pan-European vision of open and collaborative government by interconnecting eServices of administrations with data provision interfaces of other countries, promoting cross-border cooperation among authorities and offering control and transparency opportunities regarding business operations across borders.

The pilots are defined and will be implemented in the following Piloting Areas (PA) that facilitate business mobility:


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