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Scope of the Repository

The e-SENS Specifications Library is concerned with what Technical Specifications are supporting what Capabilities (through a set of features). It focuses on the following fragment of the BB description: 

The Entry Point in the Repository is the Technical Specifications, making the link with the other 2 repositories: 


Catalogue of Specifications

The table below is the catalogue of technical specifications (including profiling) e-SENS has selected/profiled to support the required Capabilities. 


Technical SpecificationsSpecifications OwnerSupported CapabilityRealizing Component
PR - AS4e-SENS ConsortiumABB - Message ExchangeSBB - Access Point
PR - BDXL ABB - Service LocationSBB - SML
PR - ebCore Party ID 
PR - SMP ABB - Capability LookupSBB - SMP


 Technical SpecificationsSpecifications Owner Supported Capability Realizing Component
PR-STORK 2.0 SAMLOASISCross-Border Authentication 
  Cross-Border Attribute Provision 



 Technical SpecificationsSpecifications Owner Supported Capability 
e-Signature Standards for Creation and Validation ETSIe-Signature Creation, e-Signature Validation



 Technical SpecificationsSpecifications Owner Supported Capability 
PR - ASIC Document Packaging
PR - SBDH Document Routing



 Technical SpecificationsSpecifications Owner Supported Capability 
ATNA EvidenceEmitter
REM EvidenceEmitter
Timestamping Standards  TimestampingEvidenceEmitter, e-Signature Creation, e-Signature Validation



Technical Specifications Specifications Owner Supported Capability 



 Technical SpecificationsSpecifications Owner Supported Capability 


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